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Riff, Apr 13, 12 9:59 AM.
1.2 is out!

Novare Coast Warzone

Riff, Apr 4, 12 12:08 PM.
A little write up on the new 1.2 WZ. Looks fun to me.

Article about 1.2 Changes

Riff, Apr 2, 12 6:00 PM.
Hey all, just another little write up on some of the stuff for 1.2.

PvP Gearing in 1.2

Riff, Mar 25, 12 12:25 PM.
Hey all,

While looking I found this website that explains the 1.2 PvP gear changes. If you are curious there is a link at the end of the post.

Essentially it sounds like there will be a new kind of gear that is called "recruit" that is essentially the same as the current champion gear. You purchase this gear for around 300k credits.

Battlemaster gear will be adjusted slightly, and you will now be able to purchase it with warzone commendations.

They will also add a new kind of gear named "War Hero." This gear basically seems to require you to trade in a Battlemaster piece and some commendations for this new piece.

Gear Changes in 1.2

New video about the Legacy System

Riff, Mar 25, 12 10:22 AM.
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